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Cumbria Flood Resilience Showcase – Puddle Pump

At Flood Protection Solutions Ltd we are incredibly proud to have recently supported the Cumbria Flood Resilience Showcase by donating a puddle pump.

Our Director, Simon Crowther, is pictured below with Mary Dhonau OBE, who is spearheading the showcase project. Simon is holding the LSC1.4S Puddle Pump:

Cumbria Flood Pump


Cumbria Flood Resilience Showcase Project

The Cumbria Flood Resilience Showcase Project was launched following Dr Peter Bonfield’s ‘The Property Flood Resilience Action Plan’ report published in September 2016.The project is led by the DEFRA Property Flood Resilience Roundtable. It is a government sponsored group which includes members of the Business Emergency Resilience Group (BERG).

The project has been fronted by leading flood resilience campaigner, Mary Dhonau OBE, alongside Adler & Allan, the Environment Agency and the DEFRA Roundtable. The project is supported by companies who kindly donate their time, expertise, services or products. At Flood Protection Solutions Ltd we donated an LSC1.4S Puddle Pump.

Puddle Pumps

Puddle Pumps are a special type of pump which are ideal for flood resilience. Unlike standard submersible pumps, puddle pumps can pump water down to very low levels. The LSC1.4S which we donated can pump water as low as 1mm! This is ideal in flood defence for reducing any ‘residual risk’. If flood door barriers are installed to a property, it is very likely that some water will still enter through the bricks, mortar, or rise up through the floor. A puddle pump can help keep this water level low and reduce any damage caused.

Conventional submersible pumps are required to be at least partially (usually fully) submerged in water to prevent them from burning out; meaning that without a sump pit they can prove ineffective. Puddle Pumps are an ingenious design which solves this, as it allows them to be used in very shallow water without damage.

Within flood defence we believe too many people have the incorrect pump which will not work as expected in anger. We launched floodandwaterpumps.co.uk to make the best quality water pumps available with expert advice.

The donated puddle pump will be used by Botcherby Community Centre in Carlisle, which has been devastatingly affected by flooding in the past. Flooding is an awful experience and is the biggest threat to the U.K as a result of climate change. We’re incredibly proud to have been able to support this scheme and make a difference to the community.

Our Comments

We would like to thank all our customers, past, present and future because without your support, we would not be able to support great community flood projects such as this.

If you’re looking to purchase the puddle pump mentioned in this blog, some of the benefits include:LSC1.4S Puddle Pump

  • Pumps as low as 1mm
  • Ultra hard wearing​​​​​​​
  • Operate for extended periods with little or no water​​​​​​​
  • Used widely by hire, utilities and water companies​​​​​​​
  • Portable or fixed installations​​​​​​​
  • 3 year warranty

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