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Pumps that could stop your living room turning in to a swimming pool

Winter is now here, the nights are colder, the days are darker and the frost is in the air. Whether you live in a new build or an older house water pipes can be at risk of freezing and could split or burst causing flooding in your home.

There are hundreds of pumps available on the market but how do you know which YOU would need?

Well that’s very simple, below is our easy guide to help you in those emergency situations:

Basement Pump:

BPS Automatic Puddle Pump
BPS Basement Pump

If you have a cellar, whether it be filled with fine wines, treasured items or just the stuff you never got around to unpacking, you want to protect all your possessions. One of the best ways to help protect your cellar from flood water is with a ‘basement pump’ the clue is in the name.

A basement pump can simply be placed in to the water. Turn on and away you go, it’s that easy! You may prefer to leave a pump there permanently and have an automatic pump which will turn on when water is in the basement. This is a popular passive system. There are many different models with different flow rates, this just means how much and how fast it will pump the water. Depending on the size of the room and the amount of water you can choose smaller or larger pumps. In the BPS range of pumps, there is a huge choice and the flow rates vary between 40l/min up to 220l/min!

Puddle Pump:

If it’s a good old-fashioned frost that freezes and burst your pipes this is not what you want. After you have found the issue and turned off the water you are now left with a huge floody mess.

In this instance you may find a ‘puddle pump’ incredibly useful

A puddle pump is simply placed in the puddle or vast lake of a mess depending on the size of your house. All you do is sit the pump in the water and again turn on. When the water has all gone, turn off and you’re home and dry (after you have dried everything of course).

Submersible Pumps or Puddle Pumps:

Flooded Living RoomIf you live by a river or stream, or are even at risk of surface water or groundwater flooding, we can also recommend pumps to help reduce the impact of this flooding.

For this we suggest using a submersible pump in a sump chamber, or again, a puddle pump. The puddle pump means that no chamber is required. These pumps can be fully submerged in the water. Depending on the actual model of the pump these can pump down to as little as 1mm giving you excellent protection from that indoor swimming pool forming in your Living room. Again, there are different models with faster pumping volumes to get rid of the water quicker.

 Jonathan Martin

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