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The Importance of Pumps in a Flood Defence Scheme

The presence of pumps in a flood defence scheme will benefit those involved and the success of the scheme. Many consider flood defences to be impenetrable walls blocking water from entering homes and properties. However, the reality is that few possess permanent flood doors and barriers and even the ones that do, can tell you they are not 100% effective and will always have a point where the water can defeat and overtop them. Fixtures such as these are typically pre-installed in anticipation of future flooding, often at high costs.

Pumps offer an extra line of defence say, if the water became too high and breached a flood door. They can pump water away quickly and to a low level, sometimes as low as 1mm. There are also a range of pumps available on the market, with some being able to pump more than 1000L a minute. Pumps are also available in automatic and manual so, for example, if a person’s basement regularly flooded, they could install an automatic pump which would turn itself on when the water reached a certain level and then turn itself off once it had reduced the water to a particular level. Flooding like this typically occurs via groundwater flooding.

Used in conjunction with temporary barriers, pumps offer an inexpensive and effective line of defence against flood waters. Temporary barriers don’t require prior installation like flood doors, can be deployed in a matter of minutes and are usually significantly cheaper. Freestanding temporary barriers, such as the Water-Gate, will always allow a small amount of water to seep through. This is when a pump is needed, as it can stop any seepage from pooling and be pumped away quickly. A defence scheme like this can be stored away and erected in a matter of minutes when there is a threat of flooding. It is ideal for people who are concerned by the threat of flooding, who want to have defences available if it were ever to happen but don’t want to alter the aesthetics of their property.

For the cost, which can be as little as £60, pumps provide an extra, versatile line of defence which will give any flood defence scheme a way to moving water from a property or area at risk to an area where the water can dissipate or be stored. They also benefit the effectiveness of other defences in place, elevating the overall scheme. From domestic to industrial use, there is a vast range on the market designed for every scenario, meaning there will be one to suit your situation.

LSC1.4S Puddle Pump


Pumps that could stop your living room turning in to a swimming pool

Winter is now here, the nights are colder, the days are darker and the frost is in the air. Whether you live in a new build or an older house water pipes can be at risk of freezing and could split or burst causing flooding in your home.

There are hundreds of pumps available on the market but how do you know which YOU would need?

Well that’s very simple, below is our easy guide to help you in those emergency situations:

Basement Pump:

BPS Automatic Puddle Pump
BPS Basement Pump

If you have a cellar, whether it be filled with fine wines, treasured items or just the stuff you never got around to unpacking, you want to protect all your possessions. One of the best ways to help protect your cellar from flood water is with a ‘basement pump’ the clue is in the name.

A basement pump can simply be placed in to the water. Turn on and away you go, it’s that easy! You may prefer to leave a pump there permanently and have an automatic pump which will turn on when water is in the basement. This is a popular passive system. There are many different models with different flow rates, this just means how much and how fast it will pump the water. Depending on the size of the room and the amount of water you can choose smaller or larger pumps. In the BPS range of pumps, there is a huge choice and the flow rates vary between 40l/min up to 220l/min!

Puddle Pump:

If it’s a good old-fashioned frost that freezes and burst your pipes this is not what you want. After you have found the issue and turned off the water you are now left with a huge floody mess.

In this instance you may find a ‘puddle pump’ incredibly useful

A puddle pump is simply placed in the puddle or vast lake of a mess depending on the size of your house. All you do is sit the pump in the water and again turn on. When the water has all gone, turn off and you’re home and dry (after you have dried everything of course).

Submersible Pumps or Puddle Pumps:

Flooded Living RoomIf you live by a river or stream, or are even at risk of surface water or groundwater flooding, we can also recommend pumps to help reduce the impact of this flooding.

For this we suggest using a submersible pump in a sump chamber, or again, a puddle pump. The puddle pump means that no chamber is required. These pumps can be fully submerged in the water. Depending on the actual model of the pump these can pump down to as little as 1mm giving you excellent protection from that indoor swimming pool forming in your Living room. Again, there are different models with faster pumping volumes to get rid of the water quicker.

 Jonathan Martin

What are Puddle Pumps?

Puddle Pumps | www.floodandwaterpumps.co.uk

Puddle pumps are a hidden gem in the water pump world. Although they are fantastic products it appears that there is little knowledge on how they work and the use of them.

What is a puddle pump?

Tsurumi LSC1.4S Puddle PumpA puddle pump is a special type of water pump which is able to pump to very low levels of water without overheating or burning out. This removes the need for a chamber to be dug. Traditional submersible water pumps are water cooled and unable to pump to low levels. Electric puddle pumps can be used internally or externally.

Puddle pumps are perfect for use in flood protection and emergency response situations.

They can be used on most surfaces to pump away residue and nuisance water, which may occur because of seepage, rainfall, or flood water. Puddle Pumps are perfect for emergency response situations because you are able to position them straight onto a surface and can pump shallow water. This feature means that puddle pumps can hugely improve flood response – which is our key goal at Flood Protection Solutions Ltd.

One pump can help protect hundreds of people over its lifespan

Puddle pumps can prove very effective investments for councils, businesses, homeowners or agencies. They avoid the need for a chamber, which means you are able to use the same pump in multiple locations. It’s also possible to move puddle pumps to different places on the same site to remove nuisance water, or even to another site if necessary.

With submersible pumps, there is always a depth of water that cannot be reached. The following graphic compares a submersible pump with a puddle pump:

Submersible Pump | Puddle Pump

Where to use a puddle pump?

  • Flood control
  • Basement drainage
  • Lift shafts
  • Fixed installations
  • Hire fleets
  • Transfer

 For the purpose of flood control, Puddle Pumps can be used internally or externally:

Internal use:

There are many different types of flood protection – a popular method is to use door barriers or guards as flood barriers, in conjunction with air brick covers. Whilst this will help buy time to move possessions, a house is not watertight. Water is likely to still find its way into the property by infiltrating through the bricks, the mortar and anywhere vulnerable.

At Flood Protection Solutions Ltd we like to use the example of ants… ants find their way into your property and often you’re unsure where from. Water is the same! Some flood schemes may include an internal sump and chamber to deal with this water entering. Fitting these can be disruptive and expensive. You are able to use an electric puddle pump internally to help remove any water that still enters the property. This can help keep the water level low, and massively reduce any damage that the flood may cause. A puddle pump such as the Tsurumi LSC1.4S can pump as low as 1mm and run dry for prolonged periods of time with very little, or no water at all due to the air and water cooling route to the top outlet.

External use:

With any flood defence scheme, there is always a requirement for a water pump. Puddle pumps can be used to effectively control seepage, rainfall, and rising groundwater, without the need for a chamber or sump digging. This gives flexibility and helps reduce any costs for the works. Puddle pumps can be used to help drain a site and protect it from flooding.

BPS Automatic Puddle Pump

Flooded basements are a common occurrence in the U.K. Puddle pumps can be used when required, or installed permanently in a fixed installation with an automatic option available. Once again, a chamber is not necessary, so there is minimal disruption with using the water pump.

Puddle pumps are very versatile as they can either be in fixed installations or used in various locations. They’re fantastic products and we want to help more people with puddle pumps.

The main advantages of puddle pumps are:

  • Portability
  • Cost effective
  • Pump as low as 1mm
  • No chamber required
  • 3 year warranty on Tsurumi Puddle Pumps
  • 2 year warranty on APP Pumps
  • Versatility
  • Help prevent flood damage
  • Fixed Installations also possible

Tsurumi LSC1.4S

The Tsurumi LSC1.4S is a fantastic puddle pump and pumps water as low as 1mm. Unlike other pumps, it can even run dry for extended periods of time without damage. This pump comes with a fantastic 3-year product guarantee as standard and is the industry standard for quality. The pump is incredibly robust we believe it should be utilised more widely across the U.K. If you’re looking to pump flat surfaces, without a chamber, we would recommend the LSC1.4S. Water levels can even be managed in fixed installations with a SwitchH20 system of a Tsurumi Sensor.


Our flood protection goal

Did you know flooding is the biggest threat to the U.K as a result of climate change? Despite this, studies show that 67% of the U.K population do not know their own flood risk! At Flood Protection Solutions Ltd we want as many people as possible to reduce their risk of flooding, and puddle pumps can be a very effective and inexpensive way of controlling flood risk.

We believe that all communities, councils, and agencies should have a store of puddle pumps.This can help to reduce and mitigate the upheaval, expense and stress that flooding causes.

No matter what flood defence product you use there will always be a requirement for a water pump. This can be due to rising groundwater, overflowing drains, seepage and even rainfall. Flooding and its effects are unpredictable and therefore to be able to respond quickly and effectively with the correct pump is essential.