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Construction Pumps

Tsurumi TE Petrol Site Pump

Tsurumi TE Petrol Site Pump

  • Self-priming petrol centrifugal pump
  • Powered by Honda 4 stroke petrol engine
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Frequently used in irrigation, drainage, utilities, construction, hire fleets and wash down applications
£284.05 Exc.VAT

£340.86 Inc.VAT
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Tsurumi LB Submersible Site Pump

Tsurumi LB Submersible Site Pump

  • Perfect for site drainage
  • Can be used for extended periods with little or no water
  • Compact contractor pumps
  • Hire industry standard
  • New product video available
£291.60 Exc.VAT

£349.92 Inc.VAT
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Tsurumi LSC1.4S - Puddle Sucker Pump

Tsurumi LSC1.4S - Puddle Sucker Pump

  • Puddle pump or ‘sucker’
  • Pumps as low as 1mm
  • Operate for extended periods with little or no water​​​​​​​
  • Used widely by hire, utilities and water companies​​​​​​​
  • New product video available​​​​​​​
£295.00 Exc.VAT

£354.00 Inc.VAT
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Honda WX WB Petrol Site Pump

Honda WX WB Petrol Site Pump

  • Powered by Honda 4 stroke petrol engine
  • Self-priming centrifugal pumps
  • 25mm, 50mm, 80mm outlet sizes (1in, 2in, 3in)
  • Popular with hire, utility and water companies
£341.05 Exc.VAT

£409.26 Inc.VAT
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APP HD-15 Submersible Site Pump

APP HD-15 Submersible Site Pump

  • Very high flow submersible pump (830 litres/min)
  • Frequently used by hire fleets, utilities, quarries, construction and residential
  • Excellent wear resistance to sand and silt​​​​​​​
  • Also suitable for ponds and water features​​​​​​​
£463.50 Exc.VAT

£556.20 Inc.VAT
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Construction Water Pumps

If you work in construction or you’re a contractor, you are likely to require water pumps for your work. If you’re excavating, the area may be flooded by ground water, or even heavy rain fall. This can cause major problems and delay work, costing thousands of pounds in damage and lost time. Many mass manufactured water pumps are not designed for the harsh environment of a construction site, and will fail – this category has been created to help simplify the choices.

We supply a range of water pumps suited to construction projects that can be delivered the next working day, so if there is an urgent requirement for a water pump, we can get one to you the next day, saving you time and money and you don’t even have to leave site!

How to Choose a Water Pump for your Construction Project?

  1. What is the project or requirement of the pump? (I.e. high flow, solids handling)
  2. Is there a power supply available? (If not, choose an engine driven pump)- engine driven pumps are not suitable for indoor use
  3. What is your budget?

Once you have considered the above points, you should be able to select a water pump for construction use from our range. If you are still unsure then please call our helpdesk on 0115 9870358.

What Construction Water Pumps are Available?

We have a wide variety of construction pumps available, ranging from hand held submersible pumps, to diesel and petrol engine driven pumps. Our range of construction pumps have been specially selected for use in construction scenarios. They are designed to be tough and hardwearing. If you are unsure which pump is best suited to your project, we are here to help, just give us a call on 0115 9870358.

Construction Pump Variations:

Petrol Water Pumps: As these are petrol powered it means they are ideal on sites where there is limited or no power supply. These tend to have high flow rates of up to thousands of litres per minute, meaning problem water can be drained in a matter of minutes. Our centrifugal petrol water pumps are all self-priming.

Diesel Water Pumps: They perform and have all the same features as a petrol pump. People mainly choose either petrol or diesel due to the fact the location they are working on only has access to diesel as used for other plant equipment. Our centrifugal diesel water pumps are all self-priming. We also supply the Drymax pump, which is an auto-priming, diesel fuelled diaphragm pump which can cope with pumping site sludge, mud, sewage, sand and solids up to 40mm – and can run dry indefinitely.

Submersible Pumps: These are available in both 110v and 230v so can be plugged straight in to the mains or used with a transformer. These are smaller and lighter than engine driven pumps, meaning they can be transported by hand. These water pumps can be placed straight in to the water so no need for priming, simply turn on and they start pumping. As the pumps are mains powered this means that they can be left running 24/7. The automatic models don’t even need monitoring as they turn on and off automatically when required.


Construction pumps range from heavy duty electric water pumps through to engine driven water pumps. They can bring huge cost savings by allowing construction work to continue when it would otherwise have to be suspended. They can also be used during construction to manage water and prevent damage from occurring.

The pumps can be used in conjunction with cofferdams to create dry working areas for maintenance to take place in rivers, streams or ponds. If a cofferdam is installed, you will generally need to drain or pump out the water from behind It. Our range of construction pumps have been specially designed to cope with these tough environments.

The image below shows how water pumps can be used to drain a site behind a cofferdam:
Cofferdam with water pump
Water-Gate Cofferdam

The water pumps can be used to drain ponds to allow construction work to take place. They have many uses and these pumps may also be suitable for use in flood defence.

At Flood Protection Solutions Ltd we have a range of construction customers, including: Balfour BeattyThe Environment AgencyVINCI Construction & Taylor Woodrow.

Even though these are mainly used for construction and utilities they are very diverse as to what you can use them for. Below are some examples:

Submersible Pumps:

  • Basement flooding
  • Water transfer
  • Pond drainage
  • Garden/ land flooding
  • Well drainage
  • Irrigation

Engine Driven Pumps:

  • Garden/ land flooding
  • Pool drainage
  • Water transfer
  • Moving substantial amounts of water
  • Removal of waste (trash pump only)
  • Larger solids handling