EGO 500 Submersible Puddle Pump
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EGO 500 Submersible Puddle Pump

  • Perfect for narrow sumps and chambers
  • Dual Control (automatic and manual settings)
  • Internal float switch
  • Pumps as low as 10mm (in manual mode)
  • New product video available
Product Weight: 4.3kg
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£155.88 Including VAT


Reasons to buy the EGO500 Pump:

  • Perfect for narrow sumps and chambers
  • Dual Control (automatic and manual settings)
  • Pumps down to 10mm depth (in manual mode)
  • Pumps down to 60mm depth (in automatic mode)
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • 1 year warranty

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What's in the box:

  • 1x EGO500 Pump
  • 1x 10m Heavy duty rubber power cable
  • 1x Hose tail



The EGO 500 submersible puddle pump is perfect to use in narrow sumps and chambers and with low water levels.

Dual Control: the internal float switch can be set to the off or on position, allowing it to be used in both automatic or manual modes. This switch is easily accessible.

If you are unsure if you would prefer a manual or automatic pump, you may wish to purchase the EGO500 Water Pump. This is a special water pump as it allows you to switch between automatic or manual modes. In automatic mode this pump will pump down to a level of 60mm before switching off. This will help maintain a low water level. If you require the water to pump lower, you could switch it to manual mode where it can pump as low as 10mm.

The pump is suitable for pumping clear liquids with soft particles in suspension. It is constructed from thermoplastic with specialist 304 stainless steel motor casing. It has a triple seal that gives it a superior resistance to wear.

The EGO 500 submersible puddle pump can also be used when only partially submerged. It has a top outlet design, which allows cooling of the motor. It has a great level of performance in both domestic and light industrial applications. It is highly dependable. However it is not recommended to use the EGO500 for pond or water features.

This is the perfect pump it you need both a manual and automatic pump in a number of different situations but don't want to buy more than one pump as it can do both at the push of a button.

The EGO 500 puddle pump is supplied with 10m of heavy duty power cable.

Technical Specification
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EGO500 Technical Data

Customer Reviews

"The pump was promptly delivered, well described on the website, and does what was expected." - John Clark-Maxwell

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