Water Pump Servicing

water pump servicing

We’re passionate about offering our customers the best service. Our contact does not stop at the point of sale. We’re keen that pumps have incredible longevity and offer the best performance.

Engine pumps require maintenance and servicing, and we’re pleased to be able to help with this.

If you have purchased an engine driven pump, whether it be a petrol or diesel engine, these require servicing or maintenance. It is very important that maintenance is carried out, so that when your pump is needed, it runs as expected.

We can service your pump for you!

If you don’t have the time, knowledge or resources to service your pump yourself, then we can take care of it all.

Even if you didn’t purchase your water pump from us, please contact us as we still may be able to service it for you.

We can even arrange collection of the pump, provide a full service and then deliver it back to you, ready to use. How easy is that?

This is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure our customers have the best equipment available for use.

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Why should you keep your water pump serviced and maintained?

Water pump servicing is often overlooked, but there is nothing worse than trying to use a pump in an emergency, only to find it won’t start or run as expected as it hasn’t been maintained.

Servicing and maintenance will also improve the life of your water pump, and help it run efficiently, as the manufacturer intended.

Submersible pumps

If you have a submersible pump and do not use it on a regular basis, it is recommended that every so often you run it in water just to make sure all is ok. We recommend this so if there are any issues with the pump you find out now, and not when it’s needed in an emergency.

Are you a flood victim? Many flood victims purchase equipment and leave it stored away, ready for the next flood, however this may not happen for years. Make sure you maintain your equipment and check it works. Have a ‘dry run’ of your flood defence plan.