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FloodMate Flood Protection Kit

FloodMate Flood Protection Kit

£194.00 £232.80 (inc. VAT)
  • Emergency flood protection kits
  • Available with a range of pumps
  • Different kits for different levels of flooding
  • Easy to store and transport
  • New product video available
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Reasons to buy the FloodMate:

  • Perfect for emergencies
  • The essentials you need in case of flood
  • Supplied in sturdy easy carry cases
  • Pump as low as 1mm or 3mm (depending on choice of kit)

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What's in the box:

  • FLOODMATE 1. 1x BPS100 Pump
  • FLOODMATE 2. 1x LSC1.4 Pump
  • FLOODMATE 3. 1x WX10 Pump
  • FLOODMATE 4. 1x TEM-25H Pump


  • 1x 10m Heavy duty rubber power cable
  • 1x Phase 1 hose kit: 10m of 25mm (1) non-kink c/w quick release connectors. For pumping near the property e.g. over window ledges, steps, walls, Hydrosacks, sandbags etc.
  • 1x Phase 2 hose kit: 10m of 25mm (1) lay flat pipe c/w quick release connectors. For pumping over flat surfaces e.g. over ground, away from the property.
  • 2x Hydrosacks
  • 1x Easy carry case: including a lid and 2 fastening straps with ABS clips
  • Case dimensions 400Wx600Lx420H



The Flood Mate is a range of emergency pumping kits which are used to help property owners safeguard and defend their premises from floods. Water can be pumped down to levels as low as between 1-3mm.

They are simple and easy to deploy in a hurry. The quick connections and the lightweight hose means they are ideal for emergency situations.

The Flood Mate pumping kits all come with a handy carry case. This case has room for you to keep other items that will come in handy if ever required for flood protection, such as emergency meals or grab bags.

There are four different options for the Flood Mate emergency pumping kits. The Flood Mate 1 and 2 both come with a 230-volt submersible pump. The motor on the Flood Mate 1 is 100watt, pumps 40 litres per minute over 30 metres of even ground, while the Flood Mate 2 has an enhanced motor at 480 watt and pumps 70 litres per minute over 30 metres of ground with an incline of 1 metre.

Both the Flood Mate 3 and 4 have pumps driven by Honda engines. The Flood Mate 3 weighs approximately 6.1 kg and it has a suction hose which is 4m long and can pump 80 litres per minute over 30 metres of ground with a 1 metre incline. The Flood Mate 4 has the same capacities as the 3, however, it is more lightweight at just 5kg.

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Floodmate Flood Defence Kit

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