Site Visits and Installation Services

We appreciate that sometimes, you may require a little more information than we can give over the phone, or you may prefer your system to be both supplied and installed.

Our team is highly experienced and has over 50 years experience. We have a range of Award Winning Flood Consultants and Chartered Engineers to help with a range of water related issues. We also work with expert installers to offer a complete full cycle service.

Residential & Commercial

Our engineers work nationwide on both residential and commercial projects.

Site Visits

Have you been wondering:

At Flood & Water Pumps, we are part of Flood Protection Solutions Ltd and can send an engineer to site to assist. There is charge for this service as detailed designs and calculations may be required, and we would equally advise if a pump is not the best solution. 

Call us today on 0115 987 0358 for a quote.

Installation Services

Do you require a pump, but would rather a trained installer handled the installation? 

At Flood & Water Pumps we offer a Nationwide installation service. 

Please contact us on 0115 987 0358 for a quote.

  Site Visits