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Flood Surveys and Site Specific Advice | Flood & Water Pumps

Flood Surveys and Site Specific Advice | Flood & Water Pumps

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we delve into the complexities of
flood risk management and how choosing the right flood pump, or Puddle Pump can make a
significant difference in protecting your property. While our knowledgeable
office team can provide detailed information on various flood pumps, many of
you often need tailored advice specific to your site’s conditions and how best
to mitigate flood risks.

Our Expertise 

Our expertise in general flood prevention strategies is broad, but for those
requiring site-specific guidance, the intricacies of each property necessitate
a more personalised approach. It is crucial to have a thorough site visit and
risk assessment conducted to ensure the advice we provide is not only accurate
but also the most effective for your unique situation.

Flood Surveys

Fortunately, we are equipped to facilitate Flood Surveys and detailed assessments through our sister company, FPS Environmental Ltd. As recognised Environment Agency Flood Risk Partners, FPS Environmental is exceptionally positioned to conduct comprehensive site assessments. After performing a site survey and risk assessment, it may be determined that a specific type of pump or Pumped Drainage System could be ideal for your flood mitigation strategy.

Flood Survey


They follow the best practices outlined in the CIRIA C790 code of practice
during flood risk surveying, which includes conducting a Risk Assessment and
Site Survey as the foundational stages. These initial assessments could point
to the suitability of a pumped system, which can then be further developed and
designed during the subsequent Options Development stage. This stage assesses buildability, including any necessary drawings and calculations.

Drainage Design

Moreover, if your project involves designing and specifying either foul or
surface water drainage systems, FPS Environmental has the engineering expertise necessary to support these requirements.

Office Based Advice

Please remember that while our office-based are unable to offer site specific advice as they have not seen the site and would not want to offer misleading advice. Whilst the team might not be able to provide detailed site-specific advice directly, we have a network of skilled engineers through FPS Environmental ready to assist. Do not hesitate to contact us for a referral. Be aware that there is a charge for detailed site-specific advice, engineer site visits, or any necessary calculations, but these services are often essential, especially for complex sites or specific project details like designing an appropriate foul pumping station based on property size.

In flood risk management, while pumps are a crucial tool, conducting a flood
survey is arguably the most vital part of any flood mitigation plan, applicable
to both commercial and residential sites. The initial stages of managing flood
risks must include assessing and understanding the potential flood threats,
which involve analysing the type, timing, and duration of possible flooding.
These surveys also evaluate the construction type, existing drainage setup, and
align with the client's goals, budget, and expectations to devise potential
solutions. These might include enhancements to site drainage, landscaping
modifications, or strengthening property flood resilience.


Employing the source-pathway-receptor model, the approach ensures that
assessments are not only comprehensive but also straightforward. By
understanding the root causes of flooding and working collaboratively, we can
significantly mitigate risks and enhance safety and security for your property.

Managing flood risks requires meticulous planning and consideration, much
like preparing architectural plans before constructing a house. By ensuring a
professional flood survey is part of your planning, you safeguard your
investment and ensure that any flood mitigation measures are both suitable and
effective for your specific needs.

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