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The Importance of Pumps in a Flood Defence Scheme

The Importance of Pumps in a Flood Defence Scheme

The presence of pumps in a flood defence scheme will benefit those involved and the success of the scheme. Many consider flood defences to be impenetrable walls blocking water from entering homes and properties. However, the reality is that few possess permanent flood doors and barriers and even the ones that do, can tell you they are not 100% effective and will always have a point where the water can defeat and overtop them. Fixtures such as these are typically pre-installed in anticipation of future flooding, often at high costs.

Pumps offer an extra line of defence say, if the water became too high and breached a flood door. They can pump water away quickly and to a low level, sometimes as low as 1mm. There are also a range of pumps available on the market, with some being able to pump more than 1000L a minute. Pumps are also available in automatic and manual so, for example, if a person’s basement regularly flooded, they could install an automatic pump which would turn itself on when the water reached a certain level and then turn itself off once it had reduced the water to a particular level. Flooding like this typically occurs via groundwater flooding.

Used in conjunction with temporary barriers, pumps offer an inexpensive and effective line of defence against flood waters. Temporary barriers don’t require prior installation like flood doors, can be deployed in a matter of minutes and are usually significantly cheaper. Freestanding temporary barriers, such as the Water-Gate, will always allow a small amount of water to seep through. This is when a pump is needed, as it can stop any seepage from pooling and be pumped away quickly. A defence scheme like this can be stored away and erected in a matter of minutes when there is a threat of flooding. It is ideal for people who are concerned by the threat of flooding, who want to have defences available if it were ever to happen but don’t want to alter the aesthetics of their property.

For the cost, which can be as little as £60, pumps provide an extra, versatile line of defence which will give any flood defence scheme a way to moving water from a property or area at risk to an area where the water can dissipate or be stored. They also benefit the effectiveness of other defences in place, elevating the overall scheme. From domestic to industrial use, there is a vast range on the market designed for every scenario, meaning there will be one to suit your situation.

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