5 Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Water Pump
By using a manual as you would an automatic, the manual pump will overheat and break, automatic models, will operate until their off-level is triggered, however with a manual, as long as the power is supplied, it will continue to operate, some pumps...
Automatic Water Pumps and the Different Switches
Once turned on at the mains, an automatic water pump will turn itself on or off as the water level rises or falls. Automatic pumps are very useful in projects as they are often only seen twice in their life, once when installed – and eventually when...
How to Choose a Swimming Pool Pump in 5 Easy Steps
The swimming pool pump market can appear very complicated, so we have created 5 easy steps to help you choose the best pump.
Puddle Pumps
Puddle pumps are a hidden gem in the water pump world. Although they are fantastic products it appears that there is little knowledge on how they work and the use of them.
Pumps for Water Features
A water feature can be a lovely addition to any garden or landscaping. The tranquil sound of running or gurgling water can create a relaxing atmosphere.