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Battery Powered Pumps

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Baby Battery Submersible Water Pump - Umbra Pompe

  • Manual or auto models available
  • 12V or 24V models available
  • Ideal for sumps & bilges, industry, leisure, processing, transfer and filling
  • Extremely light and portable

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Battery Powered Water Pumps:

Battery pumps are specifically designed so they can be used in isolated locations where there isn’t a mains power supply. They are small and light weight making them extremely convenient and easy to transport, store and fit.

Battery Pump Uses:

Battery powered water pumps are used for processing, transfer or filling – for example a battery pump could be used in a water bowser to enable the pumping of water for watering plants etc.

A battery pump can be used as a bilge pump. Bilge pumps are designed to remove water from the bilge of a boat. The bilge is the lowest area in a ship’s hull where water can collect. Water from the deck that doesn’t evaporate or drain off the side of the boat will drain into the bilge. This water can be from rain, rough seas or leaks. If the bilge is allowed to fill with water, it may compromise the safety, and threaten to sink the boat. It is therefore important to drain this with a bilge pump. Modern boats often use battery powered pumps to drain the bilge water.

Battery pumps are also very popular within the agricultural industry and used extensively in IBC water containers that are used for livestock. They are lighter and much quieter than engine pumps, so don’t scare or startle any animals, nor do they emit fumes as they run on battery power.
We are regularly contacted by local communities who water flowers using a water bowser or tanker. To water hanging baskets, a water pump is required to lift the water to the required height, and water the flowers. Clearly in open areas, there is a not a suitable mains supply for an electric water pump. The Baby Battery Submersible Pump can be used here. The flow rate is similar to the performance of a conventional hose pipe.

How to Choose a Battery Pump:

  1. Is your power supply 12v or 24v?
  2. Would you prefer a manual or automatic model?
  3. Choose your pump

These pumps are solely battery powered and our range of battery and bilge pumps are available in either 12v or 24v variations. We advise checking the voltage of your battery supply prior to purchase.

Our range of battery powered pumps are available in both manual and automatic models. The manual model requires an operator to control the pump by switching it on or off. The automatic version is designed to be permanently connected and placed where the water collects. It has a float switch attached which turns the pump on when the water reaches a certain level and turns off again once the water drops back down to a safe level. The float will need to be free of any obstructions. Depending on the size of the boat or volume of water you may need more than one pump.


The two models in this series are the Baby Battery 12 and the Baby Battery 24. The 12 and 24 numerals represent the voltage of the pump. They are both available in manual or automatic. The dry weight of both pumps is 3.6kg and they are both 26cm in height. The Baby Battery 12 has a flow of 55 litres per minute and is 175 watts, whereas the Baby Battery 24 has a higher flow rate of 69 litres per minute and is 220 watts.

This range of submersible pumps from Umbra Pompe are ideally suited for application in sumps & bilges, industry, leisure, processing, transfer and filling. These pumps are solely battery operated.

The Baby Battery series are low voltage, D.C pumps that are water pumps. They are especially popular in boat bilges. They are also frequently used as pumps for generic drainage and transfer.

All Baby Battery pumps come with 5m of PVC power cable which is easily fitted with crocodile clips.

How to Use:

They couldn’t be easier to use, simply connect to a car or other large battery via the clips. The duty cycle is approximately 20 minutes long and they cannot be run for extended periods of time.

If you require any more information from our water pump experts, please feel free to Contact Us.